What Latino Icons Deserve A Big Budget Movie?

Celia-CruzWith Cesar Chavez finally getting his due of a big motion picture biopic, we got to thinking… “what other Latino stories does Hollywood need to throw money behind?” Here are our suggestions-

Celia Cruz

The music, the clothes; the “Queen of Salsa’s” life story has all the makings of a blockbuster. With Selena now considered a classic, this story with the right script and actors has Oscar all over it.

julia-de-burgosJulia de Burgos

Considered by many to be the greatest poet of Puerto Rico, Julia’s story can also be told in conjunction with the development of the island’s independence party. Born into extreme poverty and the oldest of 13 children, Julia’s brilliance had her graduate from college at 19. Passion, poetry, and a life story that moves from PR to Cuba to NYC; Julia is a legend.

vicente_fernandezVicente Fernández

The King of Ranchera has sold more records in his lifetime than Elvis. Well, were not 100% sure that is true but he has sold over 50 million discs. Chente just retired, so this may be too soon; regardless someone should be working on a screen play.


Charlie Chaplin once commented that he was the best comedian alive and we believe it’s time Cantinflas get his due in the U.S. A pioneer of Mexican cinema, a film focusing on the man (Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes) and the distinctions between the character he became known for is enough to fill two hours.

Who did we miss? Leave your comment below and tell us.