Urban Outfitters Puts UFW Logo On Shirt And People Go Crazy

Urban Outfitters UFW ShirtIn this week’s edition of “Latinos complaining about irrelevant things that are not that important in the real world;” we bring you the scandal brewing behind a shirt for sale at Urban Outfitters. The shirt in question has stitched on the back an almost identical version of the famous United Farm Workers flag, an important and highly recognized symbol within the U.S. labor and civil rights communities. The only difference is the eagles head is facing the wrong way.

We are bracing for a scandal to rival Puerto Rican Beer Can Gate on this one, as it seems to be the start of a slow news week.

Least you think we’re are unsympathetic, this is a good time to simple ask- “What would Cesar Chavez do?”

UFW_FlagHere’s what we think, based on the history of a man who gave his life to creating a better world for farm workers.

Cesar would probably have his lawyers contact Urban Outfitters and see how they plan on compensating the UFW for the use of their trademark. Then he’d turn around and say to everyone covering this story- “HEY PEOPLE, CONGRESS JUST WENT ON RECESS WITHOUT ACTING ON THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE EFFECTING OUR COMMUNITY IN DECADES, IMMIGRATION REFORM! THANKS FOR TELLING US ABOUT THIS, BUT IF YOUR GONNA MOUNT YOUR SLACK-TAVIST CAMPAIGN, WHY DON’T YOU FOCUS ON SOMETHING THAT REALLY MATTERS!”

Perhaps we should get our eyes back on the ball. “Si Se Puede!”