The Strange History Of Taco Tuesday

Taco TuesdayWe’ve made “Taco Tuesday” a tradition in our home over the last year simply out of laziness in deciding what to eat… oh yeah, and we love tacos. Last week over our second margarita we got to thinking, is this just a catchy play on words, a bar marketing scheme, or did someone actually event it. We looked to the internet for our answers on the history of Taco Tuesday and this is what we found.

Turns out the term “Taco Tuesday” was actually registered for trademark in 1989 by a Mexican food chain called Taco John’s. Strangely, Taco John’s seems to own “Taco Tuesday” as a trademark in 49 states with exception to New Jersey where the trademark is held by Gregory’s Hotel in Somers Point. In 2010 Taco John’s asserted their trademark threatening a small taco chain in Oklahoma that was using the term, much to the disgust of social media. It seems as if the whole thing died down as the url: is actually owned by a different restaurant, Tortilla Flats, based in California. Taco John’s seemed to eventually realize that enforcing the trademark was giving them more bad press than what it was worth. Today, restaurants across the country seem to openly use the term and no one is getting sued.

Taco John’s does seem to stake claim to inventing the term as seen on their website

…Taco Tuesday®, a promotion which started back in 1982…

Taco John’s also still has the registered trademark, but no one seems to care. For most of us who are not crazy corporation bent on national catch-phrase domination, the real story is these are two words that work well together and a great excuse to eat tacos once a week.

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