The Bachelor Juan Pablo, A Bad Latino Stereotype

Juan Pablo bad latinoWe constantly complain there are not enough Latinos in mainstream TV and film, then we get one and he’s, well… “OK?”

My Latina friends are first to cry “bad stereotype” whenever a Latina is cast as the traditional “sex-kitten” in a show, flaunting her accent and her assets; but rarely does it happen to men. Don’t threat, because Monday night’s season finale of ABC’s THE BACHELOR had many a woman shaking her head and galvanized for them the stereotype of the “non-committal, Latino player” to a new generation.

We’re not blind, these shows are all about ratings and nothing drives ratings more than a good controversy, but why did he have to be a Latino? Juan Pablo saw no less than two women “self-deport” from the show. He repeatedly blamed his accent and lack of understanding of English as an excuse when he offended his ladies. He “slut shamed” one for hooking up with him the next day, and in the end he couldn’t even give the woman he picked an “I Love You” return.

From the start it was pretty clear Juan Pablo was looking for a woman who could love him as much as he loved himself. But to be fair, we don’t know what was happening behind closed doors on the show or where his relationship is today. All America sees is a hunky Latino male, who can’t seem to commit to one woman and is very comfortable with that fact. Perception is reality… and the perception here is a Latino, Narcissist, Playboy.

“That’s OK?”