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The Diaspora’s Legal Right to Vote on Puerto Rico’s Status


Puerto Ricans living outside of the island should be allowed to vote on the future status.

Should Puerto Ricans In The U.S. Be Allowed To Vote On The Island’s Status


Should Puerto Ricans like my dad and me be allowed to vote, while living in the U.S., on the status of Puerto Rico?

Why The Adoration Of Oscar Lopez Rivera Is Bad For Puerto Rico

oscar lopez rivera painting

The problem with paying homage to López Rivera today is he remains an “unrepentant terrorist,” and I don’t use those terms lightly.

Put The Puerto Rican Flag On A Beer Can And People Go Crazy


Miller Coors puts the Puerto Rican Flag on a can of beer and Ricans go crazy.

Daily Show Looks At Puerto Rico Becoming A State

Daily show Puerto Rico

The Daily show takes a look at what could become the 51st State.