Sofia Vergara’s New Machete Kills Poster Draws Criticism

machete kills Sofia VergaraIn the ongoing tease for the “alt-Latino” movie of the year Machete Kills, a new poster featuring Sofia Vergara is drawing criticism from the Latino blogosphere.

The poster features Sofia Vergara as her character “Desdemona” with a machine gun blazing bra.

It’s almost as if Sofía Vergara doesn’t give a crap any more about how she is viewed in mainstream media Said Latino Rebels.

The next chapter in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete saga is scheduled to be released on September 13 and if it is anything like the first film we’re in store for some over-the-top violence that Rodriguez is famous for. So why all the fuss?

Sofia Vergara is proud of her assets, and Robert Rodriguez has been blending firearms with sexuality since the original “penis gun” in From Dusk Till Dawn. Sparkling/shooting ta-tas are nothing new, from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga. So why the beef with Sofia?

Katy-Perry-whipped-cream-image     lady gaga sparkler  And if anything Rodriguez is ripping off the “Fembots” from Austin Powers.