Our Team

Jose Cruz: Founder

With a background in politics and communication, Jose Cruz has conducted outreach to the Latino community on 3 Presidential campaigns. In 2007, Jose founded Immigration PAC a political action committee focused on Immigration Reform. I-PAC was one of the first in the movement to utilize social media as a method of outreach within the Latino community. Jose has a JD in Law and a BA in Art and owns Cruz & Associates a private communications consulting firm.


Angelina Villanueva: Founding Partner/Art Director/Chicago Outreach

Angelina is a multifaceted Chicago-based Graphic Artist. Specializing in visual communications and brand identity, she is known for using rich, bold colors in her work and exhibition design spaces. She created the brand identity of nationally recognized exhibitions and organizations. Angelina has also participated as an artist in the international exhibition, Cool Globes.



Jennice Fuentes: Columnist

Jennice Fuentes is a cultural commentator and a frequent guest on various local and national radio and television programs. She is also an actress whose professional career includes a recurring role in the critically-acclaimed HBO series “K Street”; a movie for 20th Century Fox; as well as several independent film roles and theater credits. Ms. Fuentes’ movie reviews, celebrity interviews and entertainment articles have appeared in a number of Spanish language magazines, including People en Espanol, Caras Magazine, and Vista Magazine, the national monthly newspaper supplement, the Puerto Rican daily, Primera Hora, El Tiempo Latino, the largest Spanish weekly in the Washington, D.C. and Filmoteca.com.

ulisses sanchezUlisses Sanchez: Los Angeles Editor

If something is going down in Los Angeles, chances are that Ulisses is knows about it. His extensive network of friends in the politics and entertainment can have him in any part of LA on any given night. From happy hours to political mixers, from concerts to taquerias, he’ll always point you in the right direction. You can follow him on Twitter @the_uliverse


Robert Rios III: New York City Editor

Robert Rios III is a multi-talented Entertainer, Writer and Producer whose lengthy career has flourished in the Music, Night Life, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing industries. Currently the Events Director and a creative contributor for Being Latino, Inc. Robert has coordinated various high profile live events, and has also been featured as one of the main creative contributors in Being Latino’s latest stream of viral video content. As a Singer-Songwriter, this NuYoRican Bronx Native has completed several independently released EP’s, and performed steadily throughout the NYC indie music scene. Trained as a Classical Vocalist care of the “Fame School”, he’s well versed in the styles of Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and R&B/Soul music, acting, and digital media. Having built a vast network within the entertainment industry, he has hosted, performed in, and produced numerous live shows involving music, poetry, dance, and comedy. His focus has always been on the creation and promotion of quality English Language Entertainment, for and by Latinos. You can find out more about Robert’s music, upcoming shows and projects by logging on to www.RobertRios.net

Natalia Criollo Avilez: Columnist

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Natalia is a freelance journalist who has worked for NBC and numbers of online publications. After receiving her degree in Communications from Columbia University, Natalia’s passion for writing would follow her into the community, its culture, and the arts. During her free time, Natalia plans on publishing her first graphic novel which is poetry based later this year. Follow her on twitter @Colomitalia.