Most Underrated Films Of 2013


There were the blockbusters like IRON MAN 3, and our favorite GRAVITY; but as always there are those films that didn’t do so well and we don’t get why. These films didn’t get the love they rightfully deserved and if you haven’t seen them you should.

Check out our picks and comment below on what we missed.


Aubrey Plaza, needed to be shown more love literally and figuratively in this film. Set in the early 1980’s, THE TO DO LIST take the classic teen sex-comedy to a new level. This time it’s a young lady who is out to experiment with all things carnal before she goes off to college. While the whole film is not 100% comedic gold, there’s more than enough laughs here to put it on your “to-see list.” Oh and Bill Hader and Andy Samberg do a great job of representing the men.


Talk about a movie that deserved to be a summer blockbuster, but somehow didn’t make it, this story about giant robots fighting giant monsters didn’t make it as far as Hollywood is concerned. While just breaking 100 million is no small feet, The Hangover III made 10 mill more than Pacific Rim and it just sucked. The plot of PR is no academy award winner, giant lizards are coming up off the ocean floor and the only thing that stands between them and humanity are giant robots that take two people to operate. But we’re not here for the story! We are here to see giant robots fight giant monsters and fire missiles from their chest while swinging tanker ships as baseball bats. In these moments, PR is awesome! Did we mention giant robots fighting monster lizards?


We’re convinced critiques hated this movie just because it was directed by Michael Bay. It was also hurt by coming out a week before Iron Man 3. Personally, “Pain and Gain” is in our top ten of 2013 list. First off all the cast is amazing- Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie. But this true story about muscle-heads turned con-men, turned kidnappers in 1990s Miami is amazing. You will laugh out loud on multiple occasions, and when it is done you’ll look up the real story on wiki only to find out it is all true.