“Man Of Steel” Three Capes

Man of steel bannerEvery Superman story starts with a huge problem, how do you kill a god; or even make us feel he is in danger? This is the task given to director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen), who is no stranger to the superhero genre and lucky for us he delivers just enough.

Man Of Steel is a franchise reboot and like many of the recent comic book reboots (Spider-man, Batman), liberties are taken with the story. The first 25 minutes set the stage as you witness the destruction of Superman’s home planet Krypton. Kal-El (Superman) is sent in a sole escape pod by his parents to earth.

Fast-forwards to a grown up Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) AKA Superman, who unlike past versions of the character is a man on the run, moving from place to place for fear of humanity discovering his powers. Clark’s back story is revealed in flashbacks of his childhood, while in present day he searches for his life purpose and origin leading him to a spaceship from his home that landed thousands of years ago in the polar ice cap and was just discovered by the U.S. government (this is sci-fi y’all). As Clark investigates the ship he meets a holographic image of his father Jor-El (Russel Crowe) who reveals his past, while Lois Lane (Amy Adams), also discovers the ship & Clark’s secret.

Long-story short, and without spoiling any more of the plot than what is revealed in the trailer, General Zod (Michael Shannon) and a team of bad guy convicts from the now destroyed Krypton show up to earth not only to kill Superman but also the world he now calls home.

Like many a reboot, much of the first half of the film is spent telling the audience what they already know about the character. While their are strong changes to the original story, when all is said and done you walk away with a story that is “good enough” but honestly don’t care because of all the eye-candy effects. Comic book purest may nit-pick this one, but most people will love this film.

Where Man Of Steel excels is in the over-the-top fight scenes between Zod, his henchmen/women and Superman. If you thought the destruction of New York in The Avengers and Chicago in Transformers 3 was intense, wait till you see what they do to Metropolis! There was a moment where I began to yawn, when suddenly Superman began fighting. Fifteen minutes later, he was still fighting and I found myself thinking- “I can’t dislike this film.” Snyder as a director somehow brings his 300 style fight sequences to Superman’s world and you see what it is like when a god fights. The battles are brutal, the enemy is evil and even the purest fan will be glued to the screen when these moments in the film unfold. Man Of Steel moves the Superman mythos into a new era, gone are the days of any slap-stick comedy of the Christopher Reeves years.

Like many big budget, over-hyped summer films we walked in thinking the worse, yet Man Of Steel delivers. For those of us die-hard comic book nerds, you have to keep an open mind and remember this is a reboot and the story you know has been changed. You can’t kill a god and lucky for us, Snyder doesn’t ruin the legend. Now lets get Hollywood moving on Justice League.

Man Of Steel opens nationwide June 14th in 3D.