John Leguizamo Wins Role Of A Lifetime As Pablo Escobar In Big Budget Biopic

john-leguizamoThese days it’s seems rare when Hollywood cast a Latino to play a Latino role, but even rarer when that Latino is of that ethnicity.  Persistence does pay off, at least for John Leguizamo who according to Deadline just won the role of drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar in the big budget biopic “King Of Cocaine.”

Colombian born Leguizamo, is set to start filming in Colombia in January and apparently won the role because like Pablo he “wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Leguizamo reportedly went out and spent $15,000 on a fat suit and prosthetic makeup to look like Escobar in his prime in order to convince the studio he was born to play this role.

Leguizamo has a history of taking on diverse roles from the serious in Empire and Romeo + Juliet, to his early stand-up comedy days in Spic-O-Rama. But personally we know if he could play Violator in Spawn, the Pablo Escobar “Fat Suit” will be a piece of cake.