How Hillary Can Win the Millennial Vote

If HRC loses the election to Trump, one of the top 3 reasons will be her failure to turn out the Millennial/Youth Vote as Obama has in the last two elections. Both sides have fair arguments as to why. Millennials have a very negative view of HRC and polls show her clear decent in popularity with this demo in the rise of Bernie Sanders. HRC supporters make a mistake here in often blaming Sanders saying he “high jacked” the party, but that is a poor excuse. Sanders caught hold of the energy and needs of a new generation of liberal voters and the far-left who finally saw a candidate with an ability to win. They are angry, and with reason, at a party who has failed to hear their voice and take it seriously. Throw a DNC scandal on top of that and you have a group furious at the system they feel cheated them and now being asked to support that system.

Clinton supporters are moderates and looking at the argument for Hillary as a political reality. Older, they are survivors of the Bush years and fear the effect Trump would have on the countries future that they have seen slowly move to the progressive vision of their youth. They fear a Trump Presidency and are eager to share the real possibility of him becoming President with Millennials who they think truly don’t understand this danger.

Both sides have legitimate concerns and I think a greater blame can be held with my older generation for not understanding the real concerns of Millennials. We cannot make the mistake in saying “they just don’t understand,” because the majority do. The majority of Sanders supporters hate Trump and are in a very deep fear of a Trump presidency. There is a small, yet vocal, group of #BernieOrBust who have always been too left for the Democrats and were never part of the Obama coalition and made an instant transition to the Green Party and now actively court their former Sanders allies.

So what do we do? Hillary is Hillary, she will never have Sanders Charisma and her attempts to reach out to Millennials are seen as inauthentic.

Hillary has only seen three spikes in the polls throughout the general and they were moments when she was directly contrasted with Trump.

  1. After she won the CA primary and became the presumptive nominee.
  2. At the end of the RNC and DNC.
  3. We are starting to see a clear small bump after the first debate (if we don’t, then it’s truly over).

Millennials care deeply about policy, and politics is about contrasting viewpoints. In the same way millennial voters were able to see a contrast between Sanders and Clinton, we need to make them see the clear contrast between Clinton and Trump. Trump is a master of modern media in his ability to control the news cycle and can’t help feeding the beast even when it is a week of bad stories focused on him. Clinton can’t win that fight. Millennial Voters already hate Trump and one more loathsome story about him isn’t going to move them to Clinton. All of this make the debates critical, because they are the only time when the country is forced to see both candidates in direct contrast.

Hillary needs to adapt her strategy at the next debate. She needs to hit Trump very hard at the beginning with some scandal that goes directly to his ego. She then needs to pivot 2/3 of the way through and hammer in policy differences, affordable education, criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, etc.. Trump’s greatest weakness is his low emotional IQ and rattling him early is the only way to get him off game and have him stammering incoherently in the later part of the debate were Clinton can drive home policy and lay out vision.

That’s how you get the greatest contrast.