Hispanic Vs. Latino

Hispanic vs Latino nobody cares

A recent Gallup poll has asked the age old question, “do we have a preference in being called Latino or Hispanic?”

There’s No Clowning Around


Mexican American Plays An Important Role on “The Greatest Show On Earth”

Border Crossing Amusement Experience?

border crossing ride

A Texas company has opened up a “simulated border crossing” amusement experience including climbing fences, running under bush and avoiding flashlights.

Does Being Hispanic Effect The Video Games You Play?

video game consoles

A new study by Tr3s reveals how your Latino family influences the video games you play.

Why The Adoration Of Oscar Lopez Rivera Is Bad For Puerto Rico

oscar lopez rivera painting

The problem with paying homage to López Rivera today is he remains an “unrepentant terrorist,” and I don’t use those terms lightly.

Put The Puerto Rican Flag On A Beer Can And People Go Crazy


Miller Coors puts the Puerto Rican Flag on a can of beer and Ricans go crazy.

Understanding Who’s Eligible For Deferred Action

DACA girl yellow shirt books

Many applicants ask what it means to continuously reside in the United States and wonder if they will be disqualified simply because they left the U.S. for a period of time.