Can You Be Latino And Not Like Chile?

Spicy chille

Am I the only Latino that cant tolerate chile? Will I ever eat a chile a mordidas and make my mother happy to the point where she will do her famous Mexican grito(ayyaya).

What’s In A Nombre?

Latino surname

Are you “Latino Enough” if you don’t have a Spanish surname?

Who Is The Dumbest Anti-Immigrant Politician?

who is the dumbest anti-immigrant congressman

Politicians have been saying some crazy stuff on immigration reform. But when it comes to epic “bat-s@#$ crazy,” two Republican Congressman have risen above the rest. In the battle for dumbest anti-immigrant politician we’re putting the comments by Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Representative Steve King (R-IA) to the test to see who is the biggest idiot. This will be hard.

The Strange History Of Taco Tuesday

taco tuesday history

Last week over our second margarita we got to thinking, is this just a catchy play on words, a bar marketing scheme, or did someone actually event it.

Should Puerto Ricans In The U.S. Be Allowed To Vote On The Island’s Status


Should Puerto Ricans like my dad and me be allowed to vote, while living in the U.S., on the status of Puerto Rico?

Urban Outfitters Puts UFW Logo On Shirt And People Go Crazy

Urban Outfitters UFW Shirt crop

In this week’s edition of “Latinos complaining about irrelevant things that are not that important in the real world;” we bring you the scandal brewing behind a shirt for sale at Urban Outfitters.

Immigration Politics And Sci Fi, The Underlying Message In ELYSIUM?

Jodie Foster Elysium

Good sc fi films go deep and there’s a whole lot of politics in the new film Elysium, even if the director doesn’t admit it.