The Bachelor Juan Pablo, A Bad Latino Stereotype

Juan Pablo saw no less than two women “self-deport” from the show.

We’re Mad The New Wonder Woman Isn’t Latina

wonder woman Oh no you didn't

So while the classic Wonder Woman character as defined in the comics may be an Amazon based on Greek mythology, when the majority of people think of her they visualize Linda Carter; who happens to be Latina.

The Scariest Thing Ever, Lived In Latin America


Other cultures may have myths and legends, but the scariest thing that ever existed once lived in Latin America.

Forcing Eye Contact Hurts Your Argument- Mami Was Right

Real-Women have curves

As children Latinos are taught not to look at their parents when they are being disciplined. Unlike in U.S. culture, looking at a parent when you are being “told-off” is actually a sign of disrespect. A recent study shows that what our parents taught us can actual improve our interaction with others.

The Diaspora’s Legal Right to Vote on Puerto Rico’s Status


Puerto Ricans living outside of the island should be allowed to vote on the future status.

Latino Dogs You May Not Have Heard Of

Mexican xoloitzcuintle puppy

While the Mexican Chihuahua may get all the attention, their are many more dog breeds that trace their origins back to Latin America.


Latino nerd

They see me rollin’ / they hatin’ / I know y’all are thinkin’ I’m so Brown n’ Nerdy…and not quite “Latino” enough.