What Latino Icons Deserve A Big Budget Movie?

With Cesar Chavez finally getting his due of a big motion picture biopic, we got to thinking… “what other Latino stories does Hollywood need to throw money behind?”

The Bachelor Juan Pablo, A Bad Latino Stereotype

Juan Pablo saw no less than two women “self-deport” from the show.

We’re Mad The New Wonder Woman Isn’t Latina

wonder woman Oh no you didn't

So while the classic Wonder Woman character as defined in the comics may be an Amazon based on Greek mythology, when the majority of people think of her they visualize Linda Carter; who happens to be Latina.

Latino Culture Meets U.S. Television For Halloween


From La Llorona to the Chupacabra, Latino culture has been gaining traction on mainstream television with every passing Halloween.

Three Reasons Why Gravity Is The Best Film Of 2013


there are a few times when you walk out of a film knowing you’ve seen a new “benchmark” in the industry; think Star Wars and The Matrix. Yes, Gravity is that good.

Machete Kills…IT


Does the sequel to Machete live up to it’s predecessor? Our resident Mexican says no. Check out the spoiler free review.

John Leguizamo Wins Role Of A Lifetime As Pablo Escobar In Big Budget Biopic


Colombian born Leguizamo, is set to start filming in Colombia in January and apparently won the role because like Pablo he “wouldn’t take no for an answer.”